Good day,

i installed Grafana on windows server 2012 , which has no access to internet.
I need to add a clock panel, so i downloaded, unziped in grafana\public\app\panel\plugins and restarted grafana. After i add panel i get error message: Panel plugin not found: rafana-clock-plugin

i know that there are similar post but non of them helped me.



I think you have unzipped the plugin code in the wrong location. External plugins should be placed in the data\plugins\ subdirectory.


Hi, i have done that to, but in that case it is no even shown in panels list.
Is there any other way how can i make clock in Grafana?


In the Grafana server logs, do you see the following line when loading? Or do you get see an error?

INFO[05-15|12:43:47] Registering plugin                       logger=plugins name=Clock