Grafana behind a proxy loose all dasboards

I have grafana in docker with port mapping to the host (http://localhost:2000) - it works well

But I want to proxy it through nginx.
I have configured nginx to proxy all requests to the grafana instance
when I open http:grafana.localhost, which proxies to grafana - I see grafana interface without any error and can successfully test prometheus datasource with server access, but there is no any dashboards although local grafana version has them!

local access


I would say you have wrong expectation. Difference is only recent viewed dashboards section and I would expect they are stored in the cookie which belongs to the domain. So if you are accessing the same Grafana instance through different domains, then you will have independent cookie for each domain -> independent recent viewed dashboards sections.

You have to list dashboards in the panel for example with Dashboard List panel, then you can prove that you are really “loosing” dashboards.

you are right, but it’s not obvious for beginners to look for dashboards somewhere in the depths of the section.