Dashboards do not show up using the local IP

I setup a docker container running Grafana v7.2.1.

To include some data I used provisioning (as described in the doc) to populate my container with a data source and some dashboards.

To run the container on port 3000 I execute docker run -p 3000:3000 -v $(pwd)/provisioning:/etc/grafana/provisioning gf where provisioning is a local directory containing two yaml config files for my data source and dashboards and json files for the dashboards.

After starting the container I can access Grafana using http://localhost:3000. On the landingpage I see all dashboards.
But when I try to access the Grafana using my local IP http://<ip>:3000 I do not see the dashboards. Login and the data source are availalbe though.

Is there any option to show my dashboards?

// edit:
I found the dashboards under Dashbaords -> Manage. So they are there but do not show up in on the landing page.

hello did you ensure that the server software is running?

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I think it was just some kind of cache problem, that my dashboards did not show up in recent.

I can select and activate them using the menu.

ok, allright and good luck