Grafana Agent on Kubernetes azure_exporter

Is it possible to have the Grafana Agent operator running on Kubernetes scrape other external Azure resources? azure_exporter_config | Grafana Agent documentation

The problem I see is that the agent in standalone binary mode requires ENV variables for auth to Azure. I don’t see a way to have the agent expand ENVs like for Loki to account for auth into Azure

It will be nice if you explain what Loki is doing. Don’t assume that each Grafana agent admin is also a Loki admin and you will more likely get (better) answer.

I was just using loki as an example of how it can inject ENV variables from Kubernetes into the config files. See the helm chart value here loki/production/helm/loki/values.yaml at main · grafana/loki · GitHub

I don’t see this same parameter for the grafana agent operator helm chart. So from a helm chart standpoint I’m not sure how to get the ENV variables required for the grafana agent to interact with Azure into the deployment