Grafana 8 alerts and AlertManager

What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
Grafana 8.0.3, hosted on prem, linux distr.

What are you trying to achieve?
We have alerts coming from few Prometheus datasources and we are looking to add additional Grafana alerts. We would like to set up notification policy on alerts from all the sources in Grafana (Prometheus alerts and Grafana alerts).

Do we need to have AlertManager data source to be able to have notification policy on all of our alerts (Prometheus alerts and Grafana alerts at the same time)? If so, are there any plans to support non-cortex version anytime soon?

Also, would adding an extra notification policy through Grafana override individual ones in AlertManager or would it be an extra policy?

How are you trying to achieve it?
No idea how to achieve a single view of alerts and notification for all the data sources. I cannot use cloud services to deploy cortex Prometheus/Alertmanager and was hoping that there would be support for either non-cortex AlertManager or that I misunderstood how new alerting works in Grafana 8 and I can simply add extra notification policies/contacts for all sources without adding anything extra. Or do you have a different idea how to tackle single view alerting differently (even using different software just for that)?

Thank you so much!!

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