Adding Prometheus Alertmanager in Grafana

Version of Grafana : v9.0.0

Hi, I’m trying to add a prometheus alert manager instance into Grafana as a datasource. If I perform this from the UI, it works.

So, I now try to add this in the datasource.yaml which is mounted into my Grafana container as a configmap.

/etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources $ cat datasources.yaml
apiVersion: 1
- isDefault: true
  name: Prometheus
  type: prometheus
  url: http://prometheus-operated:9090
- name: Alertmanager
  access: proxy
  implementation: prometheus
  type: alertmanager
  url: http://alertmanager-operated:9093

Note - I had to define the implementation type as prometheus as the default is to use Cortex.

Now, having loaded this, when I check in the UI, I receive this message.

For some reason, implementation is ignored, yet even changing this manually to Prometheus still results in the same error.

I’m hoping there is something obvious to this but I can’t find anything obvious.


I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve that?

Hi @afraser502,

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I had the same problem. You cannot edit the datasource using the UI because it is provisioned. The implementation has to be under the jsonData field (see the " JSON Data" section at the Provision Grafana article).

- name: Alertmanager
  access: proxy
  type: alertmanager
  url: http://alertmanager-operated:9093
    implementation: prometheus
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@prontog - that did the trick. Many thanks for taking the time to feedback. On reading it again, it makes sense but totally missed the jsonData section for adding.

Anyway, this solved my issue. Thanks.

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sadly jsonData section has no mention of ‘implementation’ being a possibility for alertmanager… this is the only place i found the answer. many thanks @prontog