Can't install plugin for Alertmanager datasource (6.4.2)


I have the following configuration working with Grafana 5.3, but failing in Grafana 6.4.2 (installed with prometheus operator):

  datasource.yaml: |-
    apiVersion: 1
    - name: AlertManager
      type: camptocamp-prometheus-alertmanager-datasource
      url: http://{{ template "prometheus-operator.fullname" . }}-alertmanager:9093/{{ trimPrefix "/" .Values.prometheus.prometheusSpec.routePrefix }}
      access: proxy
        keepCookies: "[]"
        severity_critical: "4"
        severity_high: "3"
        severity_warning: "2"
        severity_info: "1"

In the log I get:
2020-04-01T13:41:58+0000 lvl=eror msg="Could not find plugin definition for data source: camptocamp-prometheus-alertmanager-datasource"

Other data source like elasticsearch are installed as expected.

Link to plugin:

Elasticsearch is bundled with Grafana while the AlertManager plugin is an external plugin that has to be installed.

Provisioning plugins is not implemented yet (github issue here) but if it is a docker container then you can pass the plugin in as an environment variable:

GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS: camptocamp-prometheus-alertmanager-datasource

Docs for installing plugins in the docker container:


I have the same issue with my installation via Prometheus-Operator.
I can install the plugins grafana-piechart-panel and grafana-simple-json-datasource (not bundled with Grafana) but I can’t install the plugin camptocamp-prometheus-alertmanager-datasource and I can’t find a log to get the issue.