Grafana 8.4.4 Alerts - Disable 'Repeat Interval" option


I created alerts on Grafana 8.4.4, in “Notification policies” → “Timing options”, “Repeat interval” is set to 4h by default.

Is it possible to desable resend option? I want alerts notifications to be sent only once. I tried with 0s, it doesn’t work.


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It’s a bummer but there seems to be no way of disabling repeat_interval for alertmanager currently - quite annoying oversight if you ask me, in terms of maintaining the same alert behaviour after migration.

I think the only reasonable workaround for now is just to set some ridiculously high humber like 999 weeks - the counter resets if the alert resolves IIRC so it would only repeat if alert is actually firing for that long.

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Thanks you! I’ll do that.