How to define alters that are firing only once

We have updated grafana to v9.2.1. Since then some alerts are firing notifications every 2 hours. Before the update the alert was fired only once after the value has fallen below a certain level. Is this a bug or can a rule be defined that notifications are sent only once? I haven’t found a setting in grafana yet…

Welcome @stefang1

In the Alerting >> Notification policies tab, what do you have in Repeat Interval?

Only “Continue matching subsequent sibling nodes” is selected.

In the Alerting >> Notification policies tab, click Edit Root Policy. Then, in the Timing Options section, what do you see? (please post screenshot)

If you have set your alerts to use the root notification policy, then you can make your changes to that screen. For example, change the repeat interval to 24 hours.

ok, i see and when i don’t need a repeated message the interval has to be set to x months?


It would appear that way. It was brought up in the forum about 6 months ago, and there is nothing mentioned in the docs. Perhaps there is a special code / value that allows one to disable repeating (I tried … and it complained)

You can try this. It works for me