Grafana 8.0.3 build frontend issue

I want to prepare a docker image from Grafana 8.0.3 source code. My node version is 14.17.1, OS is Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, GO version is 1.16.5. I executed the command “yarn install --pure-lockfile” successfully. But when I executed the command “go run build.go build-frontend”, the following error has occurred:

Version: 8.0.3, Linux Version: 8.0.3, Package Iteration: 1625061922
yarn run build
exec: “yarn run”: executable file not found in $PATH
exit status 1

I set the bin path of yarn to the $PATH environment variable. But nothing has worked for me.

Could you please help me with what should I do?

Hi @jeetmukherjee69

silly question, but how will this built docker image differ from the official grafana/grafana:8.0.3 one?

I’m having the exact same issue. It seems like the PATH is being unset when the “go run build.go” script is called.

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