Grafana 7 and Grafana Image Renderer


i just setup a new grafana 7.2.0 instance to prepare a migration from my actual prod.

i installed through command line the Grafana image renderer, and when in the gui plugin webpage of the new instance i have a tag “unsigned” poping

is this normal baheviour for a Grafan Labs official plugin?

Hi @tonic8 - have you gone through the Troubleshooting Image rendering docs to confirm it’s not a missing dependency issue?

If your problem is similar to this user, that may help:

Hello @samcoren

not yet, my “issue” is not to render an image, but just after installing the plugin using command line,

It is detected by Grafana as “unsigned”. and i want to understand why the package is not signed, as it is an official package.

if it is detected unsigned for security reason i don’t want to use it until i understand the risk.

in the docs, they only talk bout issue when rendering image, not about the package itself.

but maybe it’s normal behaviour for everyone…?