Image renderer plugin doesn't work


I have installed`

Grafana v7.3.1
Nodejs v12.9.1
Chromium 85.0.4183.121
Grafana-image-renderer v2.0.0

All libs are installed (Checked ldd /var/lib/grafana/plugins/grafana-image-renderer/chrome-linux/chrome)
Added the certificate to the trust store

PNG files are created, but not send to slack channel. In Grafana shows that pligin is “Unsigned”. Here is log example.

Nov 19 17:51:09 apm01-hz grafana-server: t=2020-11-19T17:51:09+0400 lvl=dbug msg=“calling remote rendering service” logger=rendering renderer=http url=“http://localhost:8081/render?deviceScaleFactor=1.000000&domain=localhost&encoding=&height=500&renderKey=w0ux10CSp6ExnAajcxPzcjRODMx3HFrl&timeout=15&timezone=&url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A3000%2Fd-solo%2FM0eXV2TGz%2Frgs-dashboard%3ForgId%3D1%26panelId%3D108%26render%3D1&width=1000

Can’t find any manual in internet.
Only this one`

Please help to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

please correct your spelling before you aska question in the forum!

Not sure how helpful that comment was. Wish I could help further except to say as a community we should understand each other’s needs without pedantic recommendations!

Highly agreed.

Just because someone’s native language is not English should not mean that
they get unhelpful comments about the phrasing of their questions.

Okay, if something is obviously unclear, then ask for specific clarification and
more detail, but otherwise, please give a little slack to the world regions
where English doesn’t come first, and be grateful that they can manage as much
as they can in today’s English-centric Internet world.

After all, if you find yourself thinking “this person can’t express themselves
in clear English”, you should first of all ask yourself “how well could I
express myself in their first language?”




Fuly agree, OP please do the needful modifications to your question.

When the png-graphs are created, the renderer plugin seems to work. I think, you have to look at the slack part.
Maybe you have a problem with the redirect to localhost too.

Thank you very much.