Image renderer plugin for Slack alerting in Grafana Cloud


how is possible configure Grafana Cloud for alerting to Slack channel with graph images? I found Grafana Image Renderer plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs but it isn’t possible to install in plugins.


Here is our guide for rendering images within Slack alerts.

Also, do you mind sharing a screenshot of the plugin not being able to be installed?

Thanks for the response. I remember, that I use Grafana Cloud service. In settings of Image plugin i see:


Not all plugins are able to be installed from the plugin catalog and there’s a message stating that. In this case, in the top banner it says that “Renderer plugins cannot be managed by the Plugin Catalog”.

To install that plugin, you’ll need to go directly to the plugin repo and install it.

Thank you. It does not works.

Solution - get out from Grafana Cloud, local install old version 8.0.6 and be happy. After 2 days trying what I doing bad :slight_smile:

Hi, do you mind providing some screenshots of not being able to install the plugin from the plugin repo? If this functionality is broken we would like to get it fixed.