Grafana 4.6 - Adding dashboard annotations via API

Hi, is it possible to create/add a new Annotation for a specific dashboard via the API? I couldn’t really tell from the docs, it seemed like what you could do was just add a marker or an annotation specifically. But I wanted to see if the API could set up a dashboard to have an annotation with a specific tag and query so that moving forward, if new events were sent to Grafana via API, it would update on those dashboards that have that Annotation set up on it.

For example, similar to how this one is set up:

I wish to have that created for that dashboard, but via the API. That way when I specify a new event in the future with the tag ‘deploy’, it would update that dashboard with the event, on all the panels. To be clear, not the actual marker itself, I want to add the Annotation to the dashboard so that markers with specific tags would be displayed on the panels for that dashboard.