Keep Grafana annotations even after dashboard deletes

I created a new annotation with tag “reports” using the “-- Grafana --” datasource:

This is convenient since I can add the same annotations to each dashboard (we have 70 or so) via modifying the dashboard JSON and it works well for multiple devs to ctrl+Click the charts and label changes so the markers persist across all of the dashboards. I checked the grafana.db and saw the annotations table populated.

However, I later ran a delete of all the dashboards and uploaded fresh new ones with panel changes I had made. I did not realize this would delete the annotation entries in the grafana.db file. Is this expected behavior? If so, is there a way to avoid this or prevent the annotations from being deleted? I had not realized that these annotations are somehow linked or stored off of the dashboards, not just entered into the grafana.db to be read later.