Automatic Tags while adding annotations

Hi all,
I am using a grafana dashboard to display historical data from several devices stored in influxDB. All data is in one measurement with different tags for individual devices. On my dashboard I have a variable selector field, by which I can choose data from which device is being displayed.

Now, I’d like to make an annotation - in order to make sure that annotation will be displayed only when a particular device is selected I’m adding a tag to annotation equal in value to a tag of a particular device - then I use this tag in annotation query to filter only annotations of this device.

The process of adding a tag to a query is very error prone as it needs to be spelled correctly in order to display. So there comes my question:

Is it possible to automatically add a tag to each newly created annotation, that will be equal in value to a current value of a dashboard variable?

Thanks in advance for all hints how to get it to work.