Impossible to create annotation query with tags


I’m trying to add annotations to my dashboards. I’m using Gitlab CI pipelines to push annotations to Grafana and it works as I receive the correct response from the API. I’m not specifying a dashboard ID on purpose so that I don’t have to keep track of it in my CI variables. According to the documentation this should work and create instance-wide annotations, which is fine as I intend to filter them with tags.

My problem occurs when I try to add an annotation source to a dashboard. I select “–Grafana–” as the data source and then select “Tags” as the filtering method, but then the query parameters don’t show up. I looked into the database thinking that my annotations were not saved correctly, but it seems that they are. Moreover, I tried updating one of the notifications to add the dashboard ID and it shows up correctly.

I inspected the dashboard admin page to look for errors but could not find any. The only thing that caught my attention was that the XHR call made to the API to query the annotations contains the dashboard ID even when I select “Tags” and not “Dashboard” in the annotation source parameters and also a query (URL) parameter of matchAny: false.

Here is a screenshot of the UI missing the filter fields:

And here is what it should look like according to the docs:

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue on my instance related to the annotation queries?

Grafana version: v8.3.3


Anyone has any idea why this would happen? I’d really like to be able to view deployment annotations on my graphs!