Grafana 10.x Canvas button https

Hi everybody!

The Grafana Canvas button configured to do a GET http call to a nodered server works fine when grafana runs on http / port
When I configure Grafana to run as https, i get this error: {“data”:{“message”:“Unexpected error”}}

I figured this could be a bug in grafana not able to handle a http call when running in https mode. But, after placing nginx in front as a https proxy, grafana still in http / port 80, I get the same error!

I have tried to change the canvas button to a https call as well, makes no difference, still the same error.

Even if the error would stay, but underneath the GET call would be made, that would work for me, but thats not the case… .

Has somebody else encountered this issue? whats the solution to this? if not, can this be filed as a bug?

thank you!

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What kind of error is in your browser console?

{“data”:{“message”:“Unexpected error”}}

Please prove that you see this message in the browser console (keep in mind that browser console is not the same as browser)

Hi, you are right, that was the right way to find out.
It showed because the webpage is loaded as https, the call and response in http is not allowed due to security.

So the solution would be: create an https endpoint in the nodered server, to get rid of the https / http issue.

thanks! your question put me on the right track

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