Google sheets time format shows as automatic

Hi All!
I attached google sheet to Grafana using the pug-in.
I encountered a problem, the format in the time column is displayed as automatic and not as “TIME”

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 20.26.30


Which plugin are you using to connect to the google sheet? Please post a sample data for the time column

Hi Yosi!

This plugin:

as you can see in the google sheet (last line) I even tried to change the last line cell format, but it did not solve the problem

can you use transformation to convert it to the data type you want it to be? I dont know if there is a time data type, you might need to do some calculations. because right now it looks like it is treating 11:19:00 as some sort of ratio calculation

11:19:00 is not a real data type of any sort within grafana I do not think

Thanks for the quick response.
As you can see i have made the change to the format of time in one the cells to see the effect. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

You changed it in google sheets but grafana does not have time data type. and what is the end goal with this data? visualize it in a time series? bar graph?

Visualize it in a time series, bar graph.