Date column in google sheet not showing data in grafana dash

Even though the first column of the google sheet shows the dates in all rows, when I query the data in Grafana to create the dashboard, the table-like dash in Grafana does not show all the data.

Here are prints for verification.

Can you help me?

Google Sheet

missing data in Grafana table

I was able to solve it by changing the date type to MM-DD-YYYY in the Google Sheet date column.

The question remains, how to adjust grafana to accept the Brazilian format DD-MM-YYYY of data sources like google sheet, considering that I have a connection to a mysql database and in this format works very well?

Can you use convert transformation?

I already used it, but if I don’t configure the date in the google sheet column MM-DD-YYYY it doesn’t work, that’s what I wanted to avoid. But thanks!

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