Getting started with grafana and pre-shared dashboards conflict with InfluxDB v2.0 due to query language?

I’m trying to setup grafana+influxdb+telegraf to monitor my homelab and hitting some brick walls due to the InfluxDB version 2.0 (latest released a month ago).

It looks like community dashboards shared in this website are all compatible with API v1 of InfluxDB in that query language but backwards incompatible with API v2 which uses “Flux” query language:

Examples that do not work when influxdb v2.0 is used.

If I downgrade to influxdb 1.8 it works.

It feels like installing v1.8 now to circumvent this issue may be a lot of work for later - is there something I may be missing to make dashboards work with influxdb v2.0 and be backwards compatible with not having to manually edit all the queries of pre-shared dashboards?

Flux QL requires naming a “bucket” rather than “database” names. Among other things. I did briefly try using backwards compatibility v1 API calls by using a DBRP map - this wasn’t successful as my data wasnt displayed on dashboards :confused: