Grafana 6.3.3 support for influxDB v2.0.0-alpha


I’m trying out influxDB v2 with Telegraf and Grafana latest stable version 6.3.3.
I can display Telegraf’s data in influxDb v2 data explorer page, but I cannot find the way to graph them in Grafana.

I have declare the InfluxDBv2 datasource in Grafana like below . Assumin that the bucketname is FirstBucket.



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Telegraf settings

  ## The URLs of the InfluxDB cluster nodes.
  ## Multiple URLs can be specified for a single cluster, only ONE of the
  ## urls will be written to each interval.
  ## urls exp:
  urls = ["http://xxxxxx:9999"]

  ## Token for authentication.
  token = "$INFLUX_TOKEN"

  ## Organization is the name of the organization you wish to write to; must exist.
  organization = "test-org"

  ## Destination bucket to write into.
  bucket = "FirstBucket"

But I get no data.
In influxDBv1 we got the database parameter for telegraf but this parameter is missing from the v2 as the bucketname replace the database, right ?

What is the correct way to graph data from Telegraf to influxDB v2 to grafana ?
Does it even support influxDB v2 yet ?