Influx2 Gui support and transmission

I updated to influx v2 and no i am at the point where i need to adjust the dashboards i made and i have a few questions.
and yes i know its beta so thinks will change

  1. will there be a gui like v1 in future ? or is the text based query forever now ?
  2. is there any chance to migrate v1 panels to v2 ? i have done a lot of work with creating dashboards and it would be really annoying to start from scratch again.

are there any places i can track for changes? are there any places for further information? for now the Transition is feeling very unlucky to me.

This should not be blaming or so im just a bit lost at the moment :confused:

There is a GUI at http://path-to-influxdb2:8086 that replaces the 1.x Chronograf UI.

Yeah but I mean the dashboards in grafana :slight_smile: I could make all the graphs there with ui and copy them to grafana but that would be a lot of work. Was hoping for a kind of grafana dashboard migration from influx v1 to v2