Getting Incorrect values from multiply and Divide transforms within Grafana


I am running into an issue when using multiple elastic search Datasources. I am pulling Automated and manual Change records from an elastic search datasource and i am trying to get a comparison between the two values so the result i receive is Automated/Total. I have 2 transforms for grabbing the total which is Automated+Manual and the second transform is for Automated/Manual. For some reason the values its displaying are incorrect. Attached below are images showing the results of division/multiplication. Is there something im missing for this configuration? why do addition and subtraction give the correct values but multiplication and division give weird fake values?

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I’m having some trouble duplicating this. Can you fiddle with this dashboard and see if you can reproduce your error?

I cant seem to replicate it on this dashboard. It might be the datasource or my grafana version. I am currently on 8.0.3 but in the process of upgrading. the datasource used in the initial example was elasticsearch.