Grafana 7.4 error when using expression math with elasticsearch

When I use a query math expression with two previous elasticsearch queries, like the result of query A / by the result of query B: $A/$B . Give me the following error: “expression request error”.
What is missing?

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can you share a screenshot of the error and any relevant logs?

Hello, I encounter the same problem. The expression $A + $B (or $A - $B) return a right result

but the expression $A / $B return a wrong value but no error.

And the expression ($A * $B) return 0.

I think thas is because of Grafana considere only “+” as a layering of these values, and don’t conside the count number as a number:

Anyway, I can’t tell to Grafana to consider only results as a count.
For information, I want to display percentage of deployments who provoked an incident (4 keys of DORA), so to display ($A / $B) * 100.

Somone have any idea ?

Thank you in advance :wink:

I am facing the same issue, +, - , * work fine for me, but the / (division).
When Min Doc Count set 0, it gave me an NaN, when set to 1, it gave me a unreasonable result.
Changing on the Interval in Date Histogram also had the similar behavior.

My Grafana version 8.0.6, Stat panel

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