Get Expression of two Query


Grafana version is : Grafana v8.1.6

I have two Elastic Search Queries which will return me the count, for ex : Count 1 and Count 2.
I want to compute the Math operation, for example Count 1 + Count 2.

I tried with Expression, with Operation as Math and Expression as $Count1 + $Count2, but it’s returning with 0.

End Results shows 0 for all the counts.

I’m expecting results should be $Count1 + $Count2, that is 123+1 = 124.

Even no error is displayed in Grafana UI.

Reference doc : Write expression queries | Grafana documentation

I have attached Share short for Query 1 and Query 2, also expression returning 0.

For testing purpose, I tried to use same Query and Expression, still it returns 0.

Could someone help me.


Hi @vinayakmulgund,

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This seems to be a known issue as already reported here in this post. Please check it as it also provides the solution for the fix.

I hope this helps.