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Love the new Geomap. One question - Mapping a dataset with City/lat/long/users fields, when I mouseover the indicator the popup shows all four fields.

I’d like the popup (mouseover) to display just the city and the users (maybe even just the users). Is this customisable?

Hi @laurielounge

I like that idea. I think you should start a discussion about this for a feature request over in the repo :+1:

May I ask how you got it to display the data fields?
I have an InfluxDB with (among other things) a geohash field and various other datafields.
I can get it show a marker at the correct place (geohash), but for the life of me I can’t get it to show any other datafields when i hover over the marker


Howdy, sorry missed this question.

I have this query:

SELECT city AS “City”,
latitude AS “Latitude”,
longitude AS “Longitude”,
sum(activeUsers) AS “Active Users”
FROM goog_realtime g1
WHERE NOT latitude = 0
AND NOT longitude = 0
GROUP BY city, latitude, longitude;

Gets google analytics realtime data for a client’s website. Returns a lat, a long, the region’s name, and the number of users on their website in that area right now.

Now, because I named the position fields latitude and longitude, I can use Auto to configure the markers. I set Marker Size to use the field "Active Users: to set the size of the marker. And that’s it. Markers are in the right place, sized appropriately, and show lat, long, city and active users with mouse over.

Veru much appreciated, and I’ve just found the solution.
I had it as a Timeseries and not a table - that made all the differnce :slight_smile:

Too bad it’s now pretty obvious I’m living dead centre in the current corona outbreak :frowning:


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