GEOMap plugin with valid lat and lon fields

Hello everybody.

I’m trying to plot the position of a ship with the latest coordinates.
the values for lat and lon are in 1 measurement, navigation.position → lat and lon
other values for depth below keel for instance are also in that database.
when I enter all the right details in the GEOMAP, alias for lat and lon + a query for the depth below keel, it still doesnt work, i don’t get any dots, or points, or markers. Ive been trying now for hours, and nothing. with the old trackmap, im able to get a dot on the right location with it.

I litterly have followed and read through all the articles and posts i can find on the internet, nothing, ive tried a 100 combination of settings, nothing works to get this simply going.

does anybody have any pointers in howto setup or use this geomap plugin?

thanks a lot
best regards


Can you post sample data here ? No reason it should not plot it. Also are you using proper ocean map. In Base Layer choose ArcGIS MapServer and then for Server Instance use World Ocean


sorry for late reply, i was travelling. As you suggested, I have selected: ArcGIS and World Ocean.
for the position, I have 2 queries, A and B, for the data, C. The values are visible

obviously im missing something, ive tried table format, etc, nothing works.