Geo map in Grafana 10.2.2 Windows OSS

While i am using Grafana to visualize Geo map via API call , using infinity as data source, format as time series , the data will not come in geo map . But in table details shows as per API call . Please give me solution

can you show some example data in the table view please?

An online public API was utilized to gather information. The table contains data on countries and their respective populations. While the data is accurately displayed in the table, the geographical map presents the data in a repetitive sequential manner.

can you take a screenshot of data accurately displayed in the table?

you can try a transform like this to get a single total by country:

and then change the zoom of the panel so that you only see one worldmap, not a repeating one

Looks like your data source has the population data by year and by country, so there are what look like duplicates

Is that what you want, all data for every year?

Which online public API ? in these API i use only country and population

  1. but the data is not by country so you have duplicates
    or use summation like @sowdenraymond recommended. but even then it will not be accurate as you in the example you provided it is just cities with Berlin

  1. you cannot use infinity with geomap as geomap does not currently use data source in the traditional way like other plugins
  2. use orchestra city plugin instead

Here is a map using your api data

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