Gauge Value not updateing

Hey guys,
I’m new to Grafana just trying to make a simple dashboard for my PLC’S
I am running into issues with my gauges not showing correct values and or not updating.

I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi to take data off a PLC and move it into a database.
Then using Gafana as a dashboard.

Grafana v10.1.2 (8e428858dd)
Database MariaDB 5

But I just cant get the gauges to update correctly I can see the correct values in my database.

What do you see when you click on Table View on top middle

what happens if you select All Values under Value Options on the right instead of Calculate

It show’s the data now it just doesn’t update.

what do you mean by “doesn’t update”?

The value on the gauge stays the same and doesn’t update. I can see the value change in the DB.

it does not auto update unless you refresh the page

Refreshing the page doesn’t update the value. The gauge on the right does update every 3-5 seconds on its own.

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I did notice if I change Aggregation to something like COUNT it works. But when I leave the field blank it doesn’t update.

instead of builder use real pure sql code.

select ISO_PSI
from pylogix_db


not sure if the builder is causing some issues

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I believe I figured it out.
Looks like If I’m in the “Builder” Section there’s a limit of 50. Jumped over to the “code” tab removed the 50 works great now.

Were is the Limit option in the builder?

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Why limit it at all, just use pure SQL instead