Frontend Observability Session Details User Journey: sort events by timestamp ascending

The Session Details page is pretty slick, but I noticed that the events contained in the User Journey are not in the order I’d expect. I thought I’d see them in order of timestamp, with the first events first, so as you page through the events, you’d see what the user did as they used the website. Instead, however it may be sorted, I see earlier and later events interweaved with each other.

Is there a way this list could get sorted by timestamp ascending?

I think I could create my own dashboard, but I’d like to keep custom configuration to a minimum. Plus I don’t see a button on this page to easily copy the dashboard to a new one that I could edit it. I’d like to keep using this current dashboard as the userflow already exists to go to Observability → Sessions → {{session id}} → User Journey. If I were to replace this with my own dashboard, I think I’d have to make a couple. One to list sessions so I could provide a link from each session to this hypothetical new dashboard that includes session details and lists the user journey events in order of timestamp ascending.

Thanks so much, it’s been pretty neat to learn and use all this stuff.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 4.25.19 PM

Hi @Dylan123 - thanks for mentioning this! I shared your feedback with the Frontend Observability team. They confirmed that results should be organized by timestamp, with the option to click on the other column headers to dynamically change sorting order as needed. They have an issue open now to work on this, so I’ll keep an eye on updates and let you know once a fix has been merged.

Oh that’s great, thanks so much!

I did end up creating my own dashboard that lists the User Journey events in order of oldest first. This may have been a step I eventually took anyways, since each event includes key value pairs in the log line that I extracted with logfmt and displayed on the dashboard.