Create user journey map on the grafana dashboard

Hi, I am completely new to grafana. I am trying to create a user journey map from the data that i have derived from elasticsearch datasource.
I data that i have received contains many fields out of which i want to use 3 fields

  1. token
  2. timestamp
  3. url
    For every unique token i want to display the url corresponding to the timeline. Basically token represents the user. So i want to see the url visited by the user at various timestamps. Is it possible?

    all three fields are of type string. I am not sure which visualizations suits my criteria

Hi @neelam,

Thanks for opening this post.

You will need to use Transformations and in this case, you can use Extract fields OR Filter by name to display the data you want on the panel.

Now, about the other part of the question i.e. which panel visualization is suitable? I believe that the Table panel is fine to start with and then see if you can do the same with other Panel visualization e.g. Log panel etc.

I hope this helps.