Exactly how is the logs panel ordered when using Elasticsearch as the datasource & can I change it?

So I have 2 log lines like below:

2020-11-02  21:50:05 LogLine1
2020-11-02  21:50:05 LogLine3
2020-11-02  21:50:05 LogLine2

Now the problem is that because these events happened in the same millisecond they appear out of orderin Grafana…but if you were to look in the actual log file on the host they appear as logLine1, logLine2, logLine3.

Now each of my documents in Elastic have a “sequence position” field on them which basically means I can identify the true order in which they should appear in Grafana logs panel.

So what I want to do is order by logs by this magic “sequence position” field so I can get the true ordering of the log line and not use the timestamp.

Is it possible to order the results using my field? I tried the “group by terms” but doesn’t seem to be working but before I look at that any further I want to know if the panel is hardcoded to order by timestamp or if it’s possible to change the ordering based on another field.