Format Large Numbers

I am working with German clients and need to display numbers the German way.

For example:

1024.5 should be displayed as 1.024,5
1,000,000.00 should be displayed as 1.000.000,00

How can I achieve this?

Already tried:
Unit → Misc → Locale format - did not work (displays e.g. 1,000.00)

This would not solve the problem for a percent anyway, as this is also a “Unit”. When percent is chosen I would lose the Locale format (should be 85,5%):

what is your data source? best to do it on data source

in mssql it is

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Postgres data source. I think formatting is usually done using to_char() in postgres, however the Grafana visualizations want a number to be able to calculate e.g. the height of a bar or the fill of a gauge.

Is there maybe a backdoor way of providing the raw numeric for visualization, while giving the formatted string for display up front? Otherwise I’m not sure how to make this solution work…

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Hey @rob.loh,

I’m not gonna lie, not a lot of people want to use the European number format in informatics :pensive:… (I’m European). The informatics standard is to use the format 1234.56. Anyway, if you find a solution, I’ll for sure keep it in mind!

Best regards

Yep, I’ve noticed… Grafana is a tool for communicating data outside of the “informatics” community though. Seems like a reasonable feature for such a tool to have implemented properly.

Apparently this feature has been requested over 8 years ago: Feature Request: decimal mark with comma and thousand separator with dot · Issue #4252 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Not sure what’s going on here. Also not sure how to explain to my boss that getting the numbers in the right format is so difficult…


I mean, since Grafana is opensource, you can managed to achieve this by yourself with playing in the opensource… But this might take a little longer than your boss expect haha.

Also, a quite good argument to explain the problem could be to explain that European numbers standards format are not international numbers standards, and that’s totally out of your hands…

I strongly recommend you to open a new feature request, with a link to the last one (8 years is to far away I think).

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