FlightSQL Data Source Plug-in Not Working

As of this afternoon, my Grafana Cloud dashboards no longer work. They all used the FlightSQL plugin and now I’m getting dashboard error messages stating that “datasource xxxx was not found”

Looking at the Connections > Data Sources info for my FlightSQL data sources, I get an error message “plugin not found, no installed plugin with that id”

Looking at Administration > Plugins > FlightSQL, I see a warning stating “This plugin doesn’t support your version of Grafana.”

I see no way to see which version of Grafana, Grafana Cloud is running but it seems like the version was upgraded sometime today and broke this data source.

Does this type of breakage happen often?


Check this out

Is that the upgrade you are talking about or are you talking about grafana upgrade?

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Thank you. Yes, it looks like that pull request will likely address the version incompatibility.

Is there an easy way for me to see which version the Grafana Cloud software is currently using?

cant seem to find it anywhere anymore :dotted_line_face:

From the home screen, the question mark icon in the top right still gives you the info on which grafana version is running. You may need to expand the section with the arrow
Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 09.14.30

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The new version of the plugin (1.05) has just been published, should hopefully be working now!

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