Flexible thresholds

Hello. First of all i want to thank you for your software. It really helped us a lot building analytic and monitoring dashboards.
I have some question “how to” :

How can i get information from one single stat panel to another? I have two single stat panels. Each one with query. I want to transfer the main value from query of one single stat to first Thresholds value, so it will be more flexible. Can it be something line methods Single_stat1.getvalue() ? Or i need to put same query that i used in first single stat to thresholds values?

As you see, its red because of same Thresholds. But it needed to be green and filled fully, because solved issues = created issues. It need to be more flexible because we dont know how much issues woulde be created each day, and how much will be solved with procentage of them

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Not supported currently. Threshold value don’t support template variable, otherwise that would have been the solution. There’s an open feature request for that at Grafana github repository.

Is there an ETA for this feature? (Using variables/Queries from Data sources in the Thresholds)