Getting information from one dashboard object to another

Hello. First of all i want to thank you for your software. It really helped us a lot building analytic and monitoring dashboards.

I have several question “how to” :

  1. How can i get information from one single stat panel to another? I have two single stat panels. Each one with query. I want to transfer the main value from query of one single stat to first Thresholds value, so it will be more flexible. Can it be something line methods Single_stat1.getvalue() ? Or i need to put same query that i used in first single stat to thresholds values?

    As you see, its red because of same Thresholds. But it needed to be green and filled fully, because solved issues = created issues.
  2. How can i make flexible Y axis max and min values? I want them to be like (min value from query ), (max value from query + 5). Now it goues on auto. I’m using __timeFilter(), but still want it to be more oriented on period and max min values from query. it would be so good if i just can "ask" graph for his max , min values in period. The query is loaded in __timeFilter(choosen period).