Fixed Y axis divisions

Just getting going with this excellent s/w, I am graphing wind direction with time, with a scale 0 to 360 degrees. To make the graph more understandable I would like to fix the Y axis at four divisions so it show 0, 90, 180, 260, 360, representing N, E, S, W, N, but I have not found a way of achieving that. I have searched the forum but not found anything helpful, though that may be that I just have not managed to find it.
Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Does the silence here mean that it is not possible to fix the number of Y divisions on the graph?
If so then how do people manage to align the grids on the left and right axes?

For this you could probably use Thresholds, to graph fixed lines, fill options are also handy.

Ok, thanks.

Is there some philosophical reason why this feature is not available, or is it just that no-one has implemented it?

What you want is being able to draw lines(ex y=0), my guess is that they want to keep it query only(read only) to avoid the possibility of plotting fake data.

No, I just want to be able to say the that Y axis is fixed 0 to 360 with divisions at 90, 180, 270. At the size I have it, it insists on putting the divisions at 0, 50, 100, … 350.

For anyone finding this they may find this post interesting

I’m using 8.3
I haven’t managed this either.
And I don’t want to drop off mainline.

My best solution was displaying the wind angle in RAD/pi.

I also have a value that goes from 0-72. really annoying to display. Best I have done there is make it a percentage and add a note.

The SW is amazing… but I find the emission around the y-axes to be ‘odd’.