Finding and updating data sources in panels

We have several grafana servers. Over time, we have ended up with a mix of hand added and API provisioned data sources. Several are the same data source, but have a different name. I’m looking to standardize this.

I can update our data sources with puppet, but I don’t know of a good method of finding all the panels with the old data sources and updating them. I know there is a grafana sqlite3 db that stores the JSON for each panel. I can write something to go through those methodically and update them, but I’m wondering if there is an easier solution?


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Hi John,

as pointed out by Jan already, we conceived grafana-wtf in order to assist in such Grafana archeology types of tasks.

On this matter, you might like the new grafana-wtf explore {dashboards,datasources} subcommands we added together with @chenlujjj and @jangaraj at How to find out unused datasources? just recently.

Please let us know if that fits your bill already or whether you see any further improvements you might need for your specific use case.

With kind regards,

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