Exporting archived data before retention ends


For the Pro account, before the retention time (13 months) runs out (for my Go application reports metrics via Prometheus), can I download the metrics to archive them?


Hi Avi! Data can be exported using the Inspector feature in Explore:

Give that a test and let me know if you see any issues.

Thanks, I had one more Q:

When I try to increase the time span of the plot (History time span
Select the period of time for which Grafana will save your query history), the longest option I see is 2 weeks.

I don’t have more than 2 weeks data right now, so I’m unsure if that is causing this.

Is that the max time I can go back to view data? I was under the impression the Pro account would let me see up to 12 months?

Hi @strykar,

Query history is different than historical data ingested. The message you quoted comes from the “Query History” settings which will save recent and previous that queries you’ve searched for in Explore up to 2 weeks into the past. Learn more here: Query Management in Explore

This is not the same as the results of that query only displaying data for 2 weeks back. However 2 weeks is the default limit for Grafana Cloud Free. If you are on Grafana Cloud Pro, however, indeed your query results should display up to 13 months of metric data sent to our end points.

If after running a query on a Grafana Cloud Pro account you’re still not seeing results older than 2 weeks (and you have been sending the queried data for at least 2 weeks) this sounds like an issue. If so, please open a Support ticket from your Cloud Portal with a screencap of the issue and the sample query you’re running so our team can investigate.

Hope this helped.


Perfect, thank you both!