ERROR (TypeError: v.useId is not a function)

I am trying to import scene and entity data from AWS IoTTwinmaker to Grafana UI Dashboard. Although I can able to create a realtime graph from Twinmaker data source but when I am trying to import scene from Twinmaker, I am getting this error saying
“v.useId is not a function”. In beginning, I thought the issue is because of 3D model which I am using in the scene but I tried importing empty scene from Twinmaker but got the same error. So, how can I fix this issue.


  • Grafana version: 9.4
  • AWS IoTTwinmaker plugin version in Grafana is: 1.10.0

I found the solution, so if anyone is facing this issue they can degrade their Twinmaker plugin version to 1.9.0 in Grafana. After degrading my issue is resolved.

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