Generate id outside Grafana

Grafana v9.5.2
Hi There !
I want to make a script that automaticly write the json of a wethermap dashboard.

I’m making the script in Python. When i import it in Grafana all the query are good, nodes are created and links too. But i have an issue :

“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘index’)”

So i try somethings, and i find that if i create the same map with the same querys but manually, it works. So i compare the two JSON panels of weathermaps and the only difference was the id of nodes and links. When i copy past from the manually map to the automatic one it worked.

So my question is how i can generate from outside Grafana id that are valid.

Can you point us to those data points in your json?

Also have you looked into provisioning using yaml instead of writing python code?

In the github of the plugin i had my answer, in fact id of nodes and links can be anything just id that i take for nodes should be the same that i will use for the nodes id in the link array of the json.

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