Error: "Could not make user admin" after the App plugin migration

Hello community,

I have self-developed an App plugin that contains a backend part and dashboards. After migrating to version 10.4, I noticed the following errors in the log (after pressing “Enable” plugin):

ERROR[05-27|11:04:57] Could not make user admin logger=dashboard-service dashboard=example-dashboard-1 namespaceID=user userID=0 error=“identifier is not initialized”

Even with this error, the plugin was successfully installed. I tested it with the new libraries, but this did not help. I tried to create a new plugin from scratch but received the same error. I took the following steps:

  1. Generated a new App plugin with “create-plugin”
  2. Added two dashboards from the examples repo
  3. Updated the plugin.json file
  4. Compiled
  5. Copied the plugin to a freshly installed Grafana

The error didn’t change. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?