Permission Error with Admin User

Hey Guys,

I’ve wanted to make changes to our Grafana via the Server Admin Page (e.g. add new users or change literally anything) and I’ll get this error:

Funny thing I can log in with the default admin user, graphs work fine from our icinga2 installation with InfluxDB.

We don’t have any backup users or LDAP enabled.
Any Idea how to fix the permission issue or create an new user with enough rights?

Thanks a lot!

Hi stranger,

I am having the same problem. I just recently discovered that it seems to be browser-related. In Safari, I have the exact same problem as you describe.
However, I opened the same page in Chrome (which I normally never use), and found everything works just fine.
Are you using Safari as well? And please post here, if it is browser-related for you too…
Maybe an incompatibility was introduced with one of the last updates…