Erro ao instalar plugin JSON API

I’m trying to install the JSON API Plugin but it’s giving me the error “Failed to install plugin”, I want to create a dashboard for a System, I tried with the Infinity Plugin but I couldn’t either, and this JSON API seems to be more suitable, but I can’t install it. it

how are you installing it? via ui or command line? what version of grafana?

I’m trying via UI, my grafana is version 10.3

The infinity plugin is much better than the json api in my opinion, as you don’t need to configure/hardcode each one you want to use, and you can build them inline in your panels…

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However, I was unable to configure it with Infinity, I received the URL, APIKey and KeyClient, can you help me? I’ve never done an integration like this before

read the doco, try it out and post back when stuck

The document is a little different from what I have, but as I said, I have the URL, APIKey and KeyClient to receive the JSON data. But I don’t understand where I put this information in Infinity. Attached are some images to see if you can help me.

I had already tried these changes but still got the same error.