Embed Grafana Panels in Mobile Application via GUI API (not iFrame)

Dear Grafana Community and Developers,

I would like to implement my Grafana Dashboards/Panels in my own Ionic Mobile Application.
Of course, there is the easy way to embed the panels via iFrame but for my project this is not practical. I need to build the panels from scratch via HTML, CSS and JS and would like to use the Grafana API.
Is there the possibility to use the @grafana/ui API or some other package to achieve this?

Best regards

Can anyone help me out regarding this topic?
I would appreciate an answer :slight_smile:

Hi @sebasian101

not sure if this is possible–sorry!

Hi @mattabrams
thanks for your reply.
I’m looking for an API like this:

But it has to be Grafana official, so I found the @grafana/ui API:

Do you think it’s possible to achieve this with the grafana/ui package? Does it deliver the same components as the inofficial one to render the grafana components and dashboards?

you should be mindful that the Grafana OSS license changed from Apache2 in version 7 to AGPL3 in version 8

@grafana/ui is not designed to be a standalone design system framework. I expect considerable development efforts if you’d like to use the components outside of Grafana itself.


Hi @marcusolsson,
thanks for your quick reply.
So in your opinion, it’s not possible to use the grafana ui (except iFrame)?
Do i have to build all the panels from scratch with JS?

Unfortunately. That being said, it’s a use case that the team is well aware of, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this will improve in the future.


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