Using Grafana UI as a embedded component?

Hello devs,

We want to use the Grafana UI as a ‘library’ component that provides dashboard management & rendering capabilities in the context of an internal tool – this tool integrates with & offers an ‘UI console’ over other internal REST services; the Grafana UI would be used to pull, render & interact with different dashboards, based on user interactions with the rest of the tool.

Is this possible ? Has this been done before ? If not, an alternate solution is to embed the Grafana UI in an iframe, or simply provide an external link to the Grafana UI endpoint ! – at the cost of of losing a ‘single pane of glass’ and a single control point for all user interaction.

I haven’t found any previous topics that might have discussed & debated this topic, maybe my search terms weren’t relevant. Please do point me to the topics (or any other links) where this topic or similar topics have been previously addressed.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Hello @r0lland ,
I’m having the exact same problem, I also want to use some grafana UI components for my mobile application but I’m not sure which package to use. Have you found any answers? Is the @grafana/ui package helpful?

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