Using Grafana UI components in my own application


I’ve been npm installing it and @grafana/data but find it difficult to make things come to life. What I would want is to use the Grafana React components to render Prometheus data in my own project. But I’m not even sure this is something that is supposed to be possible or not. The lack of documentation for a stand-alone solution suggests it isn’t.

I quote:

Our goal is to deliver Grafana’s common UI elements for plugins developers and contributors.

So it doesn’t seem like this code is suggested to be used for stand-alone projects.

Can someone point out if what I want is allowed? And if it is, where I could find documentation?

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Well, it’s an open source project, so I don’t see how it wouldn’t be allowed. However, I doubt you’ll get much (or any) support for doing it as it really has nothing to do with the project.

Hello @mhageman ,
is there any progress regarding this question? I have the same issue, I also want to implement grafana UI components in my mobile hybride application and need a proper package, I can use.
Is it possible with @grafana/ui?