Newbie Question: Can Grafana be used as a charting component library, such as Chart.js?

My company is evaluating Grafana. In addition to building dashboards with it, my company wants to reduce our number of charting/graphing libraries (Chart.js, Highcharts, D3 and others). Can you use Grafana visualizations as standalone charts/graphs (outside the context of a dashboard), or is Grafana generally not viewed as a competitor to these component libraries?


Grafana has a few visualization UI components exposed as a part of our component library, however they require to be run inside the grafana as the core component code is there.

Thanks. I realize it was probably a dumb question but I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Although this post is almost an year old, I felt compelled to respond. @brianhenkel, one reason for your confusion seems to be the way Grafana docs represent this topic. They clearly talk about Grafana UI library - " Grafana Labs started @grafana/ui to make contributing to Grafana as easy as possible for Grafanistas and community members of all fields. We want to create a component library that results in:" in their introduction pages. and alexkhomenko , thanks for clearing that up.

So to summarize, its not exactly a component library for developers but more like a configurable component set available within Grafana dashboard environment.