Embed grafana dashboard in web or mobile application

I hope that you are doing well today,
I’m new in grafana, and I find it very interesting for building a dashboard for monitoring, and it helpful for my current project, thanks to the grafana team. I fact I build a dashboard with grafana and I would like to know if I can embed my grafana dashboard into my web site or my mobile app. I will really appreciate if someone can share with me any tutorial that explains how to do it.
thank you in advance.

There was a recent tutorial from a community member on how to do this with a React component you may want to check out:

You can also share individual panels of your Dashboard via iFrames to keep things simple: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/reference/share_panel/#embed-panel

Dear Sam,
I really appreciate for taking to respond to my question. I am a strict beginner to grafana, So I will follow the tutorial and try.
Now I would like to know if I embed my dashboard into my web site or mobile app, it will still be dynamic, I mean it will still refresh within the time interval I fixed.

Thank you for advanced

With latest Grafana, iframe support has been deprecated. What is the way to find out optimized mechanism to load dashboards using API instead of iFrame. could you please help me how to move to API based dashboard loading.

How to load grafana dashboards using API in our website instead of iframe please help me.

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I am new to Grafana. Kudos for the wonderful application.
Embedding went great and the application is working fine in chrome, firefox.
In Safari I am having issues loading the iframe. it is blocking the iframe from rendering as we have used different domains for the parent application and the Grafana dashboard.
Is there a workaround endorsed by Grafana for this?
Have so far tried to leverage to Storage Access API provided by WebKit to request storage access to set cookies.

Grafana version used is 8.1.5